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Headlight RIMS for 24 DB available?


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The headlight rims on my 24 DB are significantly cracked. Is this a common problem with these cars? Does anyone know if reproduction rims are available somewhere, or if the rims are repairable? Thanks, Gus

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Guest leadfoot

Several ideas -

1. There are no reproductions that I know of for DB headlight rims. However, you can have new ones spun out of brass and nickle plated.

2. I have seen repair articles in Skinned Knuckles that suggest using silver solder to fill in the cracks. I know some restorers who have used this method, and didn't need to replate because the solder can be polished to blend in.

3. Donald Axelrod - Headlight Headquarters specializes in all things headlights 1914-1939. Phone 781.598.0523 in MA.

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