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31 Commander brake drum specs

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We are having problems finding the bearings and races for my 31 Commander 70.  We suspect that the drums may not be original.

Does anyone have the specs for the brake drums?  We have numbers for the bearings and races, but they do not fit properly.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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My parts catalog shows front wheel bearings for Model 70 as:


Large cup p/n 165048 = Timken 2523

Small cup p/n 165051 = Timken 1329

Small cone p/n 165052 = Timken 1380

Large cone p/n 165049 =Timken 2582


You can find these on Amazon and Summit Racing, as well as most bearing houses.  Your old bearings should have numbers on them to match them up.

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Thanks for the help on this Gary.  As it turns out, these are the numbers that we used.  But they don't fit.  When the nut is only finger tight, it is enough to prevent the wheel from spinning.  The bearings that were in the car when I got it were also wrong.  the marks left on the spindle show that the bearing was wearing it incorrectly.

Was there another option for the front axles, bearings, or drums????

It doesn't appear that someone has swapped things out.


ANY help is GREAATLY appreciated.

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Post some photos and dimensions so we can see what you have.  I assume you still have rod-operated brakes, as Studebaker didn't use hydraulics until 1935.  Do you still have the old bearings?  They should have some numbers on them.  It's possible a previous owner changed the axle with its spindles, so look for casting/forging numbers on the axle and spindles. If worst comes to worst, you'll need to get the o.d. of the spindles on the inner and outer lands and the i.d. and depth of the pockets in the hub for the cups, then match up through a Timken bearing catalog.

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Thanks Gary.  We are suspecting that the axle and spindles did get changed.  I'm going to the shop Wednesday and will look for markings.  I'll keep you posted.

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