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Dashboard cable to carburateur

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21 hours ago, Gary_Ash said:

You may need to buy two choke cable kits.  These are "universal" to fit any car, also tractors and lawn mowers.  You can cut the cables to the length you need.  The original cables had a T on one knob for "Throttle" and a C on the other knob for "Choke".


For example, see https://www.amazon.com/choke-cable-universal/s?k=choke+cable+universal



From the looks of your light switch knob this universal choke cable just won't do it. And you won't probably be able to find exactly what you need off the shelf, unless of course, you find an original. Here's an idea for you. You can get one of these generic cables and remove the knob and thread the shaft to fit the knob that comes with the Cole Hersee switch that I have pictured. The knob is very close to your light switch knob. The diameter of the knob is 18.5mm (approx 11/16")


(1) Cole Hersee switch.JPG

(2) Cole Hersee switch.JPG

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Dear sir

I found one i hope close to originele on internet and order from Engeland

Only its hard to find the screws for to lock the dashboard

I need three screws i Saw at the back of the dashboard

I wil look on internet from Engeland

If somebody now a person who can repair the headlights !?

Thanks for the advice

I have slowly progressie

But the end is almost there

Herman de boer

The Netherlands


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