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1969 Chevrolet Caprice

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On good old E-Bay I tripped over it. 427, 4speed. Looks sound, dirty but he says he doesn't have time to clean it.   I do like me a Sleeper.




I kinda wish it was mine but it's not. And no chance of becoming mine either still, a guy can dream right?


unclassified image 1


unclassified image 2


unclassified image 4






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I think it’s made up. Column looks like a floor shift column, but the shifter is definitely NOT a factory ‘69 bench seat shifter. Shifter appears to be almost right on top of the transmission tunnel. They were slightly offset and there was an additional hump on the driver’s side of the tunnel to accommodate the shifter body/linkage.


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I admit to not knowing enough about that era Chevrolets to be able to tell the difference for what should be correct or not.   If someone was looking to buy checking that out is necessary as the price is what we poor folks consider a good chunk of money.  That said I still like it.

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