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Got the 1928 Buick started


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Hey guys,


Just a quick update. I got the car started after changing plugs wires, points, cap and coil. Unfortunately I sprang an oil leak from the top of the oil cannister on the fire wall passenger side. Upon closer inspection while suspecting a fatigued gasket I discovered one of the oil lines where it threads into the top of the cannister had come loose due to the threads being fabricated out of what i believe to be JB weld or something similar. There is also evidence of pin holes in the top of the cannister. Clearly a new cannister would be ideal in this situation unfortunately the gentleman who was manufacturing the NOS ones from Bob's Automobilia in California has since retired. My question to anyone in the know is where might I be able to find another one complete with the junction part for the oil lines to thread into?


On the plus side it purrs and even settled into idle before it ran out of gas. I was just running gravity fed fuel from a pop bottle as I don't yet know the serviceability of the gas vacuum tank nor the main gas tank.


Thanks in advance,



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Jeeps used a canister for decades after WWII. All of the major Jeep outlets carry a nice one with the filter cartridge still readily available 





I’ve dealt with Walck’s for years.  Good folks.  They sell the decals for the filter housing also. 

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