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When was the last time you seen an Ajax for sale??

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Reading the ad.......you think it was a Model J barn find. Price? Well, that’s subjective.........but it think it’s high.

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Three in Canada, eight in the US? I have seen four of them in person, and at least five others in photographs. I guess that means I have seen all but two of them in North America?


I am sorry, but 'rare' does not mean valuable in a 'dollars' sense.

I do hope this one can find some crazy person willing to do a good self-restoration and then drive and enjoy it for many years ahead.

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There is nothing unusual to the Ajax as an automobile other then it's short lived presentation and soon conversion over to a full name Nash model.

I think 1/2 the asking price it would start to get attention, if subject to offers.

Personally I only think a tried and true Nash enthusiast ,historian collector would be interested ,and those are few.


I'd hold out for the short lived Jeffery(Rambler) for limited existing cars of a historical nature..


I wonder if any Ajax logo parts are still with the car..? It appears the radiator badge has already been purloined.

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