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WTB Prewar V8 Cadillac or Packard (V12 or V8)

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Preference would be for a full CCCA open car preferably an open prewar (1930's) V8  Cadillac or V12 Packard for example.  A car that has a strong engine but needs a little cosmetic work.  Art deco design preferred.


We posted a few weeks ago for a V16 but have decided that this would not be the best option for this particular buyer at this time.  Open to suggestions.

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  I headed you towards a fellow in Ohio before when you were looking for a 16. I’m not sure if you reached him but I know he has 12s and 8s. He has over 1200 cars and fire trucks. 
 I myself have been after a 12 Imperial Sedan for a few years. A good friend whom has gone from a wonderful marque to the “Dark side” and is now touting another brand using the letters PA, has told me that the 12s are even fussier then the 16s. I’ve not owned anything past an 8 in Cadillac but I’ve learned to learn from others experiences!

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