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Need to Identify Rear end, then wanted to buy, See Photos

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Wanted...& Help. I'm looking for rear simular to axle pictured in the B&W images. I building/reproducing a car that was built as a custom car in the late 1960's. It had a Ford V6 engine & C4 tranny, but I'm not sure where the rear end came from. Looks like a 9" Ford, but the center "pumpkin" seems smaller. I may use a [color:"red"]1976-77 Ford Bronco as it's the correct lentgh. I need about 57" drum to drum, If I can't find the one pictured.

[color:"red"] Have a Bronco rear end sitting around? Email me your guesses also. fairfaxca@yahoo.com Thanks! bronco_rear.jpg

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I lost track of the thread but I did check the Mustang. It is hard to see under the car but it did look close to what you have pictured and as neer as I can tell it was about 55" long. I could be off a little on that because again it is still under the car and the tires are low and it was 15 in the shop that day. I would look for an old Mustang or cougar rear end or even a maverick since they were all about the same.

Good Luck,


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