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33 KA steering sector seal

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I've searched for help in the general tech area of the forum but haven't gotten a definitive answer. 


Steering sector seal. When the steering box was disassembled, the attached rope seal was pulled out. It's broken, frayed and no longer pliable. It's apparent in photos prior to disassembly that the seal had failed years ago. Instead of hoping for a failed seal to suddenly work, I've decided it's best to replace the seal.


So my question.......Is this simply a piece of 1/4" rope that actually sealed or is this a seal with only the appearance of common rope? Am I over thinking and therefore over complicating this issue?


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Ashley a NAPA store should carry what you looking for, I would ask for “water pump packing” material. It’s a “square” rope type material with graphite impregnated in it. Cut it to length and cut the ends at 45 and make sure they mate together to make a seal. It comes in a lot of different sizes from about 1/8” up.

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