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1968 Buick Riviera 4 horn option?

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While I patiently wait for my engine to be rebuilt I've been doing some research on my new ride.  According to information I've found here and elsewhere the 68 Riv had a 4 horn option similar to an Eldorado?  How common are these and is it worth setting up in my 68?

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Don't know what percentage of Rivs had the option but they apparently were not real common on 2nd generation Rivs evidenced by how hard they are to find today. The 4 note option was 2 extra horns and a wiring harness that plugged into existing wiring along with a separate ground wire. I had trouble finding a set of these horns 25 years ago so as you might imagine if you do find a set today, if the seller knows the market they will be expensive. Guessing $250-$400 for 2nd gens. They can still be found but it requires persistence because they are in demand and when advertised don't last long. If you can find a set, buy them. Beware though, make sure if you are paying up for them, the horns are tested and working because they do go bad. Often they can be repaired but not always and its not exactly and easy process to repair if they have to be taken apart. I think they were more common on Cadillacs of the era but usually the mounting brackets were different. 


Having said that, 4 notes are one of my favorite options. When they are tuned and all working they get ones attention that's for sure. They just seem to go with a big powerful car like the Riv. Generally the bigger the vehicle, the bigger the horn like a trailer truck or train for example don't have piddley horns.

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Lectric Limited sells the wiring harness for the 1968 Riviera with the 4 note horn option:



Part #: 90594


Best of luck.


Jim Vesely

ROA # 7437

BCA # 39477

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