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Steering sector seal - rope seal?

a griffin

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Silly question I'm sure


Is a rope seal just a rope used to seal or is it a certain type of fiberous material designed to look like rope? I'm not talking about water pump packing.


The seal I have for my steering box is frayed and not very pliable. I figure it's best to replace it now versus once it's in the chassis and making the task 10x more difficult. 1933 Lincoln.


Unfortunately the local parts houses are clueless when I call in. One said he had the rope seal but only came in 100 foot rolls. 


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1 hour ago, ArticiferTom said:

Pic and model with year would help . Some had none , some had felt , some o-rings . i do not think packing rope would be best . That was used with water produces .

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I don't think that's a normal "rope seal". My only advice would be ask a bearing store. If anyone would know it would be them. As far as I know the only rope seals auto parts stores deal with are for crankshafts, and they come precut from gasket companies. Even those are obsolete enough I'll bet they don't sell many.

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