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320 vs. 248 starters on 1940s Buicks

Pete Phillips

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Below is from 1942 shop manual. Text says are different, but would need to check parts book (Do not have access to my parts book just now). Pinion gear may be different (unsure)1942 Buick Shop Manual 12-5 (249) Electrical System.jpg

1942 Buick Shop Manual 12-4 (248) Electrical System.jpg

1942 Buick Shop Manual 12-6 (250) Electrical System.jpg

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2 hours ago, Pete Phillips said:

Does anyone know if the starter for the smaller 248 engine fits the 320 engine? Question regarding the 1942-1948 Buicks.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, TX.

No it does not. 

1939 Series 40 and 1940-41 40 and 50 series engine use starter #1107005

1939 Series 60-80-90; 1940 Series 60-70-80-90; 1941 Series 60-70-90 use starter #1107908


My parts book only goes to 1941, but I am fairly confident that the later years also use different starters for 248 and the 320 engines. 

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Do they fit - yes

Will they start your car - NO


And a few of us have had that issue!!


The small 248 engine starter motor has only 2 field coils while the 320 engine starter motor has 4 field coils, making it far more powerful and the ability to turn that big 320 engine.




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This is all very very interesting and gives great knowledge to all of us who own a 320 engine car. Thank you so much.

I don't need this information now or may never need it BUT as the late great singer/entertainer "Fats" Waller used to state often ' one never knows do one'

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