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Speedster build


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Hello, I  have been trying for a long time to find  information about the early chain drive differentials.  The one shown I believe has the transmission mounted with it.  It must be a kind of limited  slip  and not a locked differential to drive both chains.  Can you explain more.  thanks,  Don




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Have finally got equipment ready for harvest and have been able to afford some time to the speedster. The wheels will be 23” Buffalo wire wheels. I have machined hubs to accept the axle and wheel I am using




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the car in the background is a 1924 studebaker. It started life as a 4 door.

it was owned by a young man in Clearwater Florida. In 1930 he was working for John roebling. Grandson of the roebling of Mercer car and the Brooklyn bridge.

they did the modifications at roeblings. Which included the swept back top . They called a duck tail. It was covered with airplane fabric. The car has dual transmissions. The original studebaker paired with a willys. Giving it 9 forward speeds. It has oak lowering blocks under it. 
truly an engineering masterpiece for 1930. I spoke with the original owners son. It was parked in the family garage in 1932 when his father went to work for standard oil. Sat there till we got it on a transport to Indiana 

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