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Help with Camaro 2012 3.6 LTE- CHECK ENGINE LIGHT, errors - p0018, p0021, p0346


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I have a Chevrolet Camaro 2012 and I have three error codes - p0018, p0021, p0346.
It appeared 2 years ago after I swapped engine it appeared immediately and I took 2 years and a lot of money and I still can't fix it.

Recently trying my last- I have changed ECU and programmed it, all 4 camshaft sensors, crankshaft sensor and all 4 oil valve solenoids and the issue was not fixed. It might be wiring issue as my wires look bad. Do you think I need to change engine wiringharness? It's a hard job and I want to know for sure. Thank you

sarkari job

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Did you search those codes on the internet, if you do you will see they all indicate problems with bank 2 cam or cam sensor, cam too far advanced, cam sensor not communicating with crank sensor, ecm not communication problem with cam sensor. Could be bad sensor (even though you replaced it), or it seems logical that there could be a wiring issue. 

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