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64 Riviera Bumper hardware Help


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Hi all, as I continue to work on my Riv, I find more things that were missed in the "restoration". The latest are the spacers and correct bolts that go through the fender at the end of the wraparound section of the primary bumper. (see attached photo from the manual)

I was hoping someone had a set they would be willing to part with, or at least an clear pic with dimensions so I could reproduce them myself.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.





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I agree to the risk of damaging fender if there is just a small hit on the corner.

With the bolts and washers uninstalled, I saw the bumper ends shaking when car ran in idel. 

(Ok, you may say I have to fix an issue on my ignition or engine first , 😂 ) I also noticed both brackets were cracked from continious bumper vibration. Is this a common problem with or without the outer bolts installed ?


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