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Type of rear bearing grease ; differential lube 1941 v12


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I am in the process of checking the brakes and wheel bearing on my 41 Continental

and need to know the following:


1) There is a special grease used for the rear wheel bearings  ???

2) What lube is used for the differential ; I believe I used a synthetic but can't find my notes. ??


Any help is appreciated , and hope to see you at the Gilmore in August. I have registered

and reserved a room for Fri and Sat nites.

Mike Lynch

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Mike, the wheel bearings use Sta-Lube SL3131 Heavy Duty Drum Brake Wheel Bearing Grease. It is available from NAPA and Amazon as well as many other suppliers.


The differential uses a mild EP SAE 140 gear oil. GL4 or lower would be acceptable.

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