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1941 Special brake lights

First Buick

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I am installing a 3rd brake light.  Soldered a pigtail with disconnect into brake light circuit for positive side.  Put ground with disconnect to tail light assembly.  Brake lights and 3rd light worked fine.  A couple of days later, I went to mount the 3rd brake light and nothing.  I by-passed the brake light switch and lights worked fine.  Figured brake light switch coincidentally went bad.  Put in new one.  Still nothing.  By passed new switch and lights worked.  Bled new switch, still nothing.  Put fluid into new switch and carefully put it into connecting block.  Nothing.  New switch had bullet connector vice original screw on connections.  Made new wire to voltage regulator with bullet connector and put pigtail with bullet connector on wire coming from harness.  Nothing.  Today, I put a stick between the brake pedal and seat and in a few seconds, the wire to the voltage regulator (16 gauge per diagram) was almost on fire.  Melted all the insulation.  Don't know why this got so hot as it hadn't before.  New switch is SLS27.  Tested it in car for continuity using board to pedal but it did not show continuity.  Is the board simple not providing enough force or could the new switch be bad?  I can get a friend to help to make sure I am putting enough force on the pedal but the hot wire scares me.  Is there a positive and negative to the connectors?  Don't see how there could be as it is a simple flow through switch but obviously wire got hot due to a short.  No problems in that area before.  Again, lights worked fine in earlier testing by by passing the brake light switch.  Any ideas?  Don't want to burn my house down!

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