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63 Wire Wheel Cover Center Medallion-Turbinator Nails It


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Recently, I bought a couple of the reproduction center medallions for the 1963 wire wheel covers from my friend Bob Burnopp (aka Turbinator). As many of you know the 1963 center medallion is extremely hard to find in excellent condition. Most are chipped, have stress cracks or both. This morning I got around to replacing one of the center medallions on my car that had cracked with one of Turbinator's reproductions. I was very happy with the result. Bob, did a great job in making these and this gives those of us that need center medallions a viable alternative. Bob makes the center medallions for the turbine wheel covers as well as the wire wheel covers. If you need center medallions, Turbinator is your man.


In the pictures I took, if there is anything that looks like a flaw or blemish it is a reflection or dust. These are nice.







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