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For Sale - 1965 Plymouth Valiant Convertible

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have what was a really nice 65 Valiant Convertible, golden bronze wth black interior, black top. Slant 6, automatic.  Sweet fun car until I hit a nasty nasty pothole and something broke in the left front suspension.  I've been too busy to get it fixed and as a result the car has been sitting for too long.  NOT driveable the way it is. "Bring a Trailer"  I've got a couple cellphone pictures I can  forward to anyone interested.  Location Utica, NY, 13501, price? $4000 ??

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I agree and understand, but honestly I don't know how to move them off my phone....  my direct email is my user name at sbcglobal dot net and I can reply directly to any interested person with the few photos I have.  The car is in storage, kinda sardined in with a bunch of other cars...

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