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WTB Ford Model A Phaeton 1930-31


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Looking to purchase a good condition 1930-1931 Ford, 4 door phaeton..

We are particular and ONLY interested in  older complete or partialy restored /maintain original or sympathically kept unrestored automobile.

May or may not be running at the moment and in need of refreshing.

 There are plenty of choice fresh  and high point cars around the country ,we are not interested in those period! 

 We are also particular or paculiar in the fact we like spend/kept our money in Connecticut to support it's car hobbiest and only slightly go over the border in the neighboring states as we hate traveling any farther for the commmon car models.

 In case you didn't know there are Model A Fords in just about every town over 25,000 population in every state in the country,unlike a Kissel or Velie.😱

Will consider 1928/29 Models.



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