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rebuild wire wheel rims


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I am having a set of 1931 Chrysler Wire wheels being rebuilt by Dayton and I have had great reports from persons who have used them. They do complete rebuild of painted and chrome wheels. I suggest you call Mike Edgerton at 1-800-862-6000-0 and discuss what you need done.

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Had a set of 23" 72 spoke wheels built for a 1920 Mercer in 1994. Used original hubs (Had been cut down to 20" spokes in WWII) and new rims from German supplier. Cost was in 5 figures! Workmanship was outstanding good quality.

Outfit name was Wheel Repair Service of New England; 317 Southbrodge St; Auburn, MA 01501; 508-832-4949. You can see them on the car in Members Gallery, 1920 Mercer L head Yellow w/black wires. Stude8

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