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We are in the uk and have a 1933 pierce arrow brougham.

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We are in the uk and have a 1933 pierce arrow brougham.

we have run the car in freewheel without problem but when we changed over the gears clashed and wouldn’t engage changing back to freewheel made no difference. 

had anybody any ideas







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And, if you'd change the subject/title to something related to what you are looking for, you might get additional responses.


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  • Peter Gariepy changed the title to We are in the uk and have a 1933 pierce arrow brougham.

Sounds like it needs it clutch adjusted up. That is if the clutch was being used to attempt to change gear. You probably still have to double clutch on these.


I recall the sound track in the movie "The Sting" - that was a long time ago.    Whoever drove the big Pierce in that made a hash of his gear shifts.

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It’s a very simple setup. If the handle is pushed in, it’s “in” freewheeling, if the handle is “out” it’s out of free wheeling. It should only be shifted in and out at 2 or 3 mph with the clutch pushed all the way in. The clutch adjustment has NOTHING to do the free wheeling. The problem is with the sprag, and they can have multiple issues depending on the situation. They can also stick. If you were shifting it in and out at speed with or without using the clutch, you can have issues. It should be rather easy to determine if the handle is all the way in, or out. If it’s all the way out and not driving, it’s time to take it apart. I have only seen them fail from abuse......and you have to work at it. I put 300 miles on an identical 1934 unit this week at the Pierce meet and we had no issues........and the other five similar cars also had no issues. Please post a photo of the car.......and where it came from. Maybe we will know the history and any past problems. Photo is the hotel parking lot.








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