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Rockne flexibele radiator slang under

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Dear people

Hoe are you !

I'm looking for a flexibele radiator slang under for my studebaker rockne

Its hard to find in the Netherlands

And i orderd some on internet but not flexibele enough

I see on photo's from the rockne radiator under there is

Maybe i'm more lucky on this site from aaca



Herman de boer

The Netherlands


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Hello sir

Here are three photo's

Flexibele radiator hose

I need also a bolt for the cilinder head

And someone who can repair the headlights

I have two houses but inside one is damage and another one is missing

And a company who can repair the head/fuel gauge


Herman de boer

The Netherlands







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Dear George

Good evening from the Netherlands


The diameter of the inside hose is 42 cm 

I need about 50 cm

and the bolt is 7/16x14 UNC

i hope you understand what i'm talking about

Sometimes its not easy to find what i'm looking for in my country

Its a car from Amerika

In that way i'm happy there is internet

I think like many other people






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Hello again

I found a sollution for the radiator hose

I found a iron pipe 45 degree the same diameter from the inside hose what i need for the radiator to the waterpomp

So i dont need your support for that anymore

I need only a way that a company can make the headlights from inside

I think i found a bolt on internet but i'm not sure

So wait for a while

Next week the bolt is coming by post

Thanks for helping me

I appreciat that very much

Herman de boer

The Netherlands



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1 hour ago, herman de boer said:

Good morning George

What do i need between the engine cilinder head and the gooseneck



There should be a gasket between the head and the gooseneck.  You can make one out of gasket material, and put gasket sealant on both sides as you install it.

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