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1927 Stutz AA Sedan OHC Straight 8 $14,900

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Not a completely unrealistic price.   Although I see it is Steve Snyder,  who does know what he is doing.   You need able enough to put the engine back together yourself.  There are transmissions floating around.







This 1927 Stutz AA sedan is offered by the Vault Classic Cars, Fullerton, California. We welcome overseas buyers, this car has a clean title and will clear customs.  We've sent many cars overseas.
This is a project car, the engine was taken out for rebuild, and the machining was done.  The new Arias pistons, new connecting rods and machined crankshaft will be installed in the block.  The major engine components are present.  Take a look at the pictures, I have more engine part photos if you want more detail.
The engine was very advanced for its time, a straight 8 with overhead camshaft.  The car had advanced features such as safety glass and a worm drive rear axle that allowed for a very low roofline compared to other cars of it's era.
The car itself is a good old original, with original interior, and likely a repainted exterior.  It still has the rare "Stutz Safety Glass"  with visible wires in the glass, a nice tell-tale that the car made it these 94 years with the factory glass. 
Right now we don't have the transmission, the transmission is not included as of now. There is a possibility of locating the correct transmission, but we haven't actually gotten our hands on it yet.  Also there is no driveshaft.
The engine short block and the rest of the engine parts would have to be crated for shipment at the buyer's expense. We have used a crating company for this type of thing, Orange County Crating, they do a good job and get the large shipments where they need to go.  The car itself rolls on its wheels, and has a clean, current title that matches the firewall plate on the car.
Take a look at the pictures, call if you have questions during Pacific Daylight business hours. 714-401-1047
Offered by the Vault Classic Cars Dealership, Fullerton, CA, call us at 714-401-1047

 International customers are welcome to buy! We’ve sent many cars overseas.



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Hopefully realistic prices like this will once again become the norm , not the exception. I had Vertical 8 Stutz's on my list for several years until prices shot up circa the last 10 years or so. Another few years like this and you just never know. Almost all the post war cars I am attracted to are still heading upwards. Time to get back to my car hobby roots ?

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That pink stripe is something I wouldn't do, but if

it's the correct color scheme from 1927, it's worth

preserving that part of Stutz's history.  Their ads from

1927 (which I scanned as a newsletter editor) show

some very distinctive color combinations.


In fact, for 1928, they announced, "Every car in this

remarkable line will this year be given an individualized

color combination. No two cars exactly alike!"

Ad-1927 Stutz 2.jpg

Ad-1927 Stutz folder - low res.jpg

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Hi Everyone - Steve Snyder here, From the Vault Classic Cars.  And a shout-out to Przemek and some of my new friends from the AACA "Stress" forum https://forums.aaca.org/topic/341211-period-images-to-relieve-some-of-the-stress/".   Here's my answer to some of the questions about this Stutz:


Hi - OK we DO HAVE THE DETROIT GEAR TRANSMISSION AND BELLHOUSING, photo attached. Handbrake lever is not on the transmission, so that's not included. Water pump and flywheel are there, photo attached. Partial clutch is included. We have a master cylinder, it looks like the car was converted to Lockheed hydraulic brakes based on the pic of the front brake with a hydraulic type hose. We have the master cylinder that came with the car. Not sure on the light switch. lets assume no light switch. I haven't seen the splash pans. the engine number is 85103, which fits right in the range shown for 26-27 in "The Splendid Stutz" book.The Starter and Generator are also included I don't have photos yet but the restoration shop will send them to me. "




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