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For sale 1932 pb sedan

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Selling for a retired friend of mine. Located near San Francisco Ca. 1932 plymouth PB sedan for sale.  Only issue is brakes have frozen up due to the time sitting. Car ran when parked. Interior is original and plush! Suicide doors open and close like it just came off the assembly line. Original paint, glass, interior, gauges, lights,  tires! Missing the hood ornament. Minor rust on chrome. Last reg 93. More photos to come. $20,000






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This is Not a 1932 Plymouth PB Sedan it is a 1931 Plymouth PA Instrument panel on dash is PA the rear window should be square, go to engine serial number on left front upper block and if Original will say PA #####  and finally a PB has all doors are suicide Doors, yours pictured has standard door hinge in front. Door handles design will look like 32 33 and 34 Plymouth handle designs,a PA will have outside handles look like a old coffin box design.

This is not a PB good luck with the Sale.


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Hi everyone, while picking up a motorcycle today from an older gent, he shows me a 1932 plymouth that is in very good condition. Interior all stock,  paint original, like a time machine car! I am no expert but the guy was only asking 7500 for it and I am working with him to sell it. All my cards are on the table and I think 10000 is a fair price. If interested I will go back and get pictures and more details. I never seen a car like this before in such good original condition for its age outside of the haras collection in Reno as a kid

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That is not original paint - not in those colors.  I also believe it’s been reupholstered at some point, but I could be wrong.  The fabric does not appear to be original.  $7500 is all the money for this car, even on the coast.  The four banger and lower top speed holds it down.  A decent paint job and rechrome will make it look nice, but it still won’t be worth over ten.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a neat old car, but early thirties sedans are a dime a dozen and there are lots of them on the market as old restorations get dumped by the family after the owner passes on.

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The PB is more desirable as it has a 65 hp four, mine will do 60 all day and if pushed 65 plus, The PB is all suicide doors don’t get me wrong 31 is ok as well but just more of them 32 is last year of the silver dome four and most hp

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