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1928 Buick Coupe - $7500 - Phoenix AZ. - Not mine

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No phone number, just an email link.



Included rebuilt engine, 1928 roadster (parts car) AND 1923 Coupe. Plenty of Buick parts. 
No title, bill of sale only.







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Look closer..... the bottom photo of the roadster, has wooden spoke wheels....... How could one side of the roadster have wire wheels and the other side wooden spokes..??   The tarp is not even tied down... just a flick of the wrist and it is off... poor way to sell anything...

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Here is the CL link with more photos, the '28 coupe and the '23 roadster have the wire wheels, the '28 roadster (what's left of it) has wood spoke wheels. 

1928 Buick Coupe - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale (craigslist.org)

 If I had either a restored '23 or '28 roadster or touring with wood spoke wheels, I'd want to swap to those good-looking wires.


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I checked on the link and it has been removed.

 I offered on a 1923-55 Sport touring in Phoenix 5 years ago that came with a totally disassembled 1922 as part of the deal. It sold locally for $1250 less than I offered. I would bet that the 1923 covered with a tarp is a model 54 Sport roadster.

My friend wanted to sell a 1932 Buick sedan. When I went to take photos for an ad (presently on the forum) he was really put out that I wanted him to remove all the covers for better photos.

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