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AACA Saratoga show question

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I'm hoping to make it to the Saratoga meet next weekend. Which day would be the best day to go to see the most cars? I've never been to an AACA show before, so I don't really know what to expect. 


It's about two hours from home and I'm planning to drive up and back all in one day. I do not have a car in the show, just spectating. 


I might not be able to go at all, I have health problems that the heat makes significantly worse...but I'm hoping! 


My apologies if this is in the wrong area. Like I said, this is new to me. Thanks! 

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Saturday is the car show.  Living that close you should have plenty of time to get there. Judging usually begins at 11 so best window of opportunity to see the cars is between then and 3pm.  Looking forward to a great show and the chance to meet you in person. 


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1 minute ago, Terry Bond said:

Saturday is the car show. 


Yes, Saturday is the ONLY day to go if you want

to see the cars.  Some cars will be there a couple 

of days early, and either be scattered in the parking

lot or hidden in trailers, because there are a few other

sights to see for AACA members who specifically

signed up for those sights and tours.


The cars may start arriving for the show Saturday

at 8 a.m. or before, so if you want to avoid the heat,

you can come well before 11 a.m.  All of the cars

will be gone as the show officially ends at 3 p.m.

Admission is free.  And there is nothing on Sunday.


I'm sure you'll enjoy the show!

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You may want to get there early to avoid the heat. Usually the show cars start arriving at the show field when it opens or earlier. This National opens registration at 8:30 AM on Saturday at the show field. I would not be surprised to see cars starting to arrive on the field as early as 7:30 AM. With the judges meeting/breakfast starting at 8:00 AM some judges may put their cars on the field before they head to the breakfast. That is what I usually do. At this time of the morning the show cars just trickle in with more arriving later in the morning. Judging starts at 11:00AM at this National so all the cars that are coming will be on the field by that time.


If you have a portable folding chair you might consider bringing it and sitting at the show field entrance and watch the cars as they come in. It looks like this National will have around 300 cars on the field. Sitting there and watching them come in will let you see most of them without expending a lot of energy. After they are on the show field then you can take a closer look at those cars that really interest you.


At most Nationals there are food vendors on-site that serve breakfast and lunch if you do not bring something with you. A nice warm breakfast sandwich and your favorite morning beverage can be a great way to start one's day at an AACA National. 


Other suggestions:  Comfortable walking shoes. Plenty of Sunscreen and sunglasses (the glare of the sun reflecting off of show cars can make one's eyes tired).. You probably have all these things covered when you go to other car events but it can't hurt to mention them anyway.


There is no doubt you will have a good time on Saturday. Don't be surprised if forum members who are at this National stop and say Hello. We tend to do that given the chance. 😁


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Thanks so much guys, I am really hoping to get there. I'm pretty hard to miss (although some guy in a 47 Buick did and almost ran me over at Rhinebeck a few years ago!) so I likely will meet some if you if I can make it. 


I saw the pictures from the Parsippany show in 2019 but I couldn't do that one because of the heat...I love old cars but I love breathing more...hope this one is better! 

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