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1937 ford flat head spark plugs


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hey Ford owners,just wondering what spark plugs youve been using? the plugs i removed as soon as i got it in the garage from the orig 37 flathead were BTS8 motorcraft. that number crossed to autolite 386. i got the car a year ago and the plugs seem to read well for pretty much town driving 40mph or slower. so i installed another new set of 386s rather than reinstall used. they cost $2.00 ea. oreillys. by the way that first set of 386 plugs were run withe a brand new 94 style carb i purchased from dennis carpenter. that carb was so close to being tuned. very minor adjust to air fuel ratio screws needed prolly cause i had removed that heavy oil bath cleaner and replaced with 4"hot rod style ac.  tom.

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