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Dynamo for 1949 Buick Roadmaster

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Does anyone know where I can source a dynamo for a 1949 Buick Roadmaster? My battery does not keep charge unless I leave on trickle charge. I am guessing it is the Dynamo? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.


Thanks and Regards,



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Paul, I agree with the above. Do some troubleshooting before throwing money at the problem.  The regulator is more likely to be a problem. Get a service manual for your car and read and follow the adjustment procedures for the regulator. A few things to remember. First, never file or grind (emery) the contacts in the regulator. This will drastically shorten the life of the regulator.  If you need to clean regulator contacts, use a thick piece of paper, soaked in a solvent to drag through the contacts with a light pressure on the contact arm. I like brake cleaner for a solvent.  Second, depending on your battery, you may need to set the voltage a little higher to fully charge the battery, .1 or .2 volts at a time with checks after running for a week or so until you are happy. Lastly, check all battery and charging circuit connections. Make sure all connections, especially grounds, are clean and tight. A poor connection will cause grief while still letting things work close to proper.

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