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Passing of Stan Howe - Brass Carburetors

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He was a great guy, and I had done business with him in the recent past.

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Stan was a prolific poster on the Model T Club forum - always willing to offer his expertise on the topic of carburetors for Model Ts.  His workmanship was amazing as attested to by his many happy and loyal customers.  Stan will be missed.


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An important thing to be added. Stan had quite a few carburetors lined up to be rebuilt before he died. The family is wanting people to contact them so that any such carburetors can be returned to their rightful owners. Harry Lillo of the MTFCA forum is helping with this.


I haven't found the thread I recall had more information for carburetor contact, but this one has some information;




Following is a long thread announcing his passing;




Another thread about the service, and a comment from Harry Lillo about contacting him;




If anyone from this site has a carburetor there, and needs help making contact? Try contacting me through this site, and I will try to get better information or make contact for you.


Stan Howe was a true Renaissance man. Teacher, writer, master mechanic, singer, musician, songwriter, rancher, auctioneer extraordinaire, and the list goes on. Among the many things, he was known the world around for his expertise in rebuilding early carburetors. He rebuilt literally thousands of them, mostly early brass casting carburetors from the earliest up through the 1920s. He received them, and rebuilt them for some of the most particular major collectors around the world! He rebuilt carburetors for Locomobiles, Rolls Royces, and Bugattis as well as model T Fords. Then shipping them back all around the world. Last I heard, there were about ten left to be identified and returned.

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Good Evening all,


Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to send PM's but I purchased a Zenith off Stan earlier in the year and unfortunately living in Australia only just found out he has passed.
I would like to get in contact with the family but don't know how to? Because I would like to try and track the Zenith down if possible.

Any help that anyone can offer would be great.

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