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Bronze Car medalliuon info wanted

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I have had this small bronze car medallion for years and just rediscovered it at the back of a display case. I cleaned it up so I could read it and it says on the front ( side with the pine cones) LeTourquet - Paris Plage , in tiny letters below the shield FIAT Lux and FIAT VRBS. From what I can translate ( sort of) there is an area or community  in northern France called LeTouquet. The FIAT Laux is - Fiat light and Fiat VRBS is vacation rentals by state of some kind.  The back of the medallion (leaf side ) Notes it was International Automobile Week in the town in Northern France and the date was Sept 1927.

The size is 2 3/4 tall by 1 3/4 wide . the detail is amazing and perfectly clear for such a small piece.

Any help as to the event and what it was , how many cars, what cars beyond FIAT would be appreciated - was the event written up anyplace in that era? I found this in England in a shop and it was so dark brown from tarnish that you could hardly make out what it was. More weird stuff .

MEdallion one.jpg


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Neat item Walt. I don't know anything about it, but it seems that in Europe they gave plaques and medals for just about everything imaginable.  I've got quite a few among my collections of small pins, buttons, etc.  My guess is that during that special automobile celebration there was a display of cars and Fiat participated, so it would be a souvenir of the event from the Fiat display stand.  Just my guess - Terry

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