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Nash power steering, 1956 -- Technical Question.

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A friend has a 1956 Hudson with power steering.  Was the steering set-up the same between Nash and Hudson?  (Yes, I realize Nash had a much larger turning radius.)


If so, my friend could use some advice.  He had a great deal of play in the steering wheel (3 inches).  He had a very good alignment place get under the car and check all the steering hardware, and they said it all looked like new (just like the underside of the car!).  They tightened up a thing or two but that was all that was needed.


He sent the power steering pump and steering box to Lares and they rebuilt it.  That helped a bit, but still a lot of play.


I learned that worn rear trunnion bushings (?) can be a cause of loose steering, so my friend bought new ones and had them installed.  Helped a bit, but still about 1-1/2" of play.


Are there any Nash specialists out there who could offer any advice on what else to try?  Or, do these '56 power steering setups just naturally loose?


I'd be grateful for any enlightenment!

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