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For Sale: 1934 Hudson Terraplane sedan - $6,300 - Ogdensburg, NJ - Project - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1934 Hudson Terraplane sedan - $6,300 - Ogdensburg, NJ - Project 

1934 Hudson Terraplane - cars & trucks - by dealer - vehicle... (craigslist.org)

Ready for restoration , You are looking at a very rare 1934 Hudson Terraplane 4 door sedan. This car has been sitting for years, but I was able to get it running I did drive the car in my yard. The engine sounds good No knocks or noise. The brakes do stop and the clutch did grab. All the tires are holding air , side glass is all good. The body on this car is very solid, very little rust on bottom of doors. the floor, roof and trunk will need some work. The interior is in poor condition but complete. This is a project car , but you just don't see Hudson Terraplanes any more. This car is available and recommended for for inspection

Contact: please call (973)-8-two-3-0-two-two-8.
Copy and paste in your email:  864f33309b433526aedd79520632cd32@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1934 Hudson Terraplane sedan - Project.

'34 Hudson Terraplane NJ a.jpg

'34 Hudson Terraplane NJ b.jpg

'34 Hudson Terraplane NJ c.jpg

'34 Hudson Terraplane NJ d.jpg

'34 Hudson Terraplane NJ e.jpg

'34 Hudson Terraplane NJ f.jpg

'34 Hudson Terraplane NJ g.jpg

'34 Hudson Terraplane NJ h.jpg

'34 Hudson Terraplane NJ i.jpg

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I love it...being an Essex six fellow for a long while..way back when.


At that price point though, it's not for me,but it moves under it's own steam..so it is already a head of most old cars being offered from that period in that price range( and more)  that require plenty of restoration work. 

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