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Reproduction Dynaflow shift indicator (plastic piece)

Bill Stoneberg

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I have wondered about that, and thought that a trophy or engraving shop that does clear plastic could at least come close. I've managed to find decent ones for my '54, so have not tried this possibility myself.

Either that or keep looking for a good one!

Fr. Buick

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It looks like someone took an ICe Pick to it.

It was scratched beyond repair. I tried buffing it like I would with lenses and all it did was get the scratches so they stood out more.

I found one at a junkyard but couldn't figure out how to get it out of the


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I got tired of looking for a good indicator (read, on that would be good enough for my picky standards). I took my old one down to the local FastSign location and they made me a few of them. They look great.

If anyone needs a brand new one, let me know as they have saved the design for me.

The picture doesn't do it justice but the platic is crystal clear and fits into the holders nicely.

If you are redoing the chrome holder, you need this piece.


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