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1931 Pierce oil change


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OK, so the Pierce meet and tour and show is in Pennsylvania this week.  Too close not to go, drive my Pierce, and see old and new friends.


I really wanted to service the Pierce. Been a while since oil was changed and other things checked.  My problem these days is that I can get down on the floor and reach under, sort of, but getting back up is an issue!  


I went to my warehouse and got the '31 Pierce going, then thought that the oil needed changing, and checking tire pressures not a bad idea. Left in my Suburban.


I deal with a local company that sells tires and does what I'd call medium work.  They'll change a transmission but not an engine, new tires and balancing and so forth no problem


Walked in, hey would you change the oil on an old car?  I have my own, special stuff just for old cars.  They got on intercom, called in Kevin the Mechanic.  Would you work on my car?  Well what is it.  Uh, 1931 Pierce Arrow...SURE he said, would love to do it.....so I brought it back, he drained and changed the oil (after telling me that the oil pan bolts weren't tight but he snugged them up), topped off the transmission and rear end oil, greased all the fittings underneath (he even commented that it was great to see them, new cars are "sealed" yet still fail), and got my tires to correct pressure after I warned him they were the split rings and he said no problem.


I tipped him $10.  The guys in the office charged me $28.  


Why would I ever bring my car or cars anywhere else?  It's such a pleasure working with people who like to work and take pride in what they do...becoming a rarity these days...


Also, the car had everyone that worked there, and customers too, asking "Whatsit"  and taking pictures...it was a good day...


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Just now, John Bloom said:

Sounds like you had a good day and they took good care of you.  At those prices, don’t get horizontal under it ever again. 

and oh my what a good looking car your Pierce is!

Thanks, I sort of like it.  Met it in 1966 (have the picture to prove it) when a to-be friend in Louisiana owned it and showed up at an exhibit in my hometown, talked him out of it in 1984.  The car and I are old friends...

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Sorry you wont be there.  I'm loading up tomorrow, heading to the meet on Wednesday.


I told my wife that forecast wasn't fun, looked like rain.  She said yeah, but you have side curtains for the phaeton. I told her yes, she's correct, I'll only need one towel a day instead of three or four.  Anyone who's really driven a touring car understands....and she's been in this car in Texas when there was a toad strangler rain and we had a hard time keeping up with the liquid...

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Very good deal and awesome car.


But my concern here is ,at this point in your life your mobility has become challenged at ground level. 


 Whether your 60 or 90 it maybe a good idea to get into some form of regular flexibility program and toss in a bit of strenght training.It can only improve things.


Today it is tough for you getting down and more tough to get up..


Tomorrow you may just go down without meaning to and be down till someone (if) finds you!


We don't want that to ever happen to you.

Old cars if anything is to "Get Down and Get Under."😝 


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