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Eradicated thread for the June 5th meet

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I see the thread about the June 5th meet in Orange Connecticut is no longer visable to me.

So I assume it was limbo-ized to all  ,possibly due to the fact that the entire event was hosted free by a commercial enterprise who's name in print and photos were bantered about enough for the moderators,and that is fine.


I will concede to their guidelines and not extend the original post topic with my in depth review including all of the pros and cons of this automotive gathering..


Excuse me I have to go ,its time to take my piano out for a walk before it gets too hot..




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  • Flivverking changed the title to Eradicated thread for the June 5th meet

Oh! Is that what happen to it?

Well well.

After I've chased down my glasses,chased down my wallet,hunted the dog out,chased down the cell phone..dam!

life is too short to fool around chasing down a moved car forum thread.

I never once went to that event/ shows thread area ,still don't need to.

Thanks for the info.

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It was a FINE event, The entire Dragone crew deserves another Thank You, glad they got some coverage were the General Public that couldn't make the event saw some great photos. Bob 

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