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AACA Success in Williamsburg Va

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I think it's called "the CAN DO Spirit."   AACA managed to pull off several successful events (Gettysburg for example) during the worst of the 2020 pandemic madness that had things locked down.  As we emerge to some degree of normalcy now in 2021, AACA has done it again with an amazing success in Williamsburg Va for a rescheduled/restructured Annual Convention. There may be other mention elsewhere, and I know there have been numerous posts and photos on the FaceBook pages for AACA, but let me be among the first here to congratulate all who had a role in giving members something to be proud of. 


Yes, we missed the hospitality suites and the coffee and donuts in the early morning.  Sure, we missed scrambling to all the meetings and trying to figure out which seminars to get to - but it's all about our members and those fabulous awards on Saturday evening. 


There were new faces, many who had never been to anything like it before.  Stacy Zimmerman did a great job arranging for several interesting seminars on Friday and I understand a good time was had on Friday evening with a Tom Cox/Richard Lentinello discussion about the old car hobby.  The hotel-great, with a super accommodating staff.  Best of all, a warm sunny day with an antique car display by local Tidewater Region members.  For early arrivals, a reception at our President and First Ladies garage in nearby Yorktown.  A real fife and drum corps opened the banquet Saturday night.  The room was spectacular. A beautiful red Chevelle anchored a corner of the stage, set with the usual dual-projection screens showing the award being given and the car of the recipient.  There were a lot of happy people and plenty of hugs and hand-shakes, which was something we've not been able to do for a long time.   Yes, there were a number of people who couldn't make it, but their cars and awards were shown anyway, and our editor, West Peterson, together with Richard Lentinello, bantered back and forth talking about the beautiful cars, often getting some chuckles from the large crowd.   The food was great - crab-cakes and steak and the service was impeccable.  Best of all, the threat of snow was totally eliminated this year.  Williamsburg is a special place, and with all that history at your doorstep, how could you miss the chance to be there?


Sue and I had been on the Eastern Divisional Tour and left early to be there for Saturday, and we were glad to be a part of it.  


Hats off again to all who had a role in making it happen or supported the event with your attendance and enthusiasm.   Based on the level of excitement so far this season, I'd say we're back in action.  The AACA CAN-DO spirit is shining brightly and we're eager for more.


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Thanks Terry, we had a small but very special crew that put this together and it did seem very well received by all attending.  I am glad you mentioned what our club does, our two shows in Gettysburg this past fall were incredible and very well attended.  We have started this year off with great events and we have many more planned including Saratoga in just two weeks.  Many more announcements headed your way from our hardworking staff and board.


Congratulations on the 50 year pin you and Susan received and for your national award. 

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