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You don't see this everyday!!

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Hello all....just visiting from the Buick Club. I thought this was an interesting enough story to tell. When I was just out of high school (about 12 years ago), I was asking a friend if he knew of any old cars hiding out in the woods. He (not a car-guy) took me trudging out through the woods and brought me to a rusted out hulk. To my delightment, it turned out to be a 1934 Airflow. It had been there so long that you cannot tell how it got there. The running gear was all gone....just the body and frame left. The body rusted paper thin in places. Be it junk, I still think it is a neat find. Thinking that I was one of the extreme few that knew about it, I went back a few years later to take the hood as a momento. When I got there, it was evident that the bumpers had recently been chiseled off (I did get the hood). Some time later, I learned that it was another friend of mine who got the bumpers....and put them on his 1936 Dodge.

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