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1923 Chevy supreme backfires and spits.

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Just got a cooling issue in my 1923 Chevy supreme fixed.  Now it backfires and spits while driving down the road.  Can someone put me in the right direction to solve this issue.  



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beautiful car... and as a Chevrolet Owner 1929 & 1930 i live over on VCCA, they are the GURUS and can solve most any issue, i would post your issue 1921-1928 Forum 


does it do so while idling, or only under load ??


I would start by making sure the timing is on, check point gap, spark gap, valve settings, set all cold then go from there. even if you have NOT touched it since it ran last. that is where i start.


May also want to make sure carb is not clogged or gummed up !! may be starving for fuel or float stuck. updrafts are picky :) 


My 1930 was having a slight miss, and i had to tweak the timing a degree or two and now runs smooth again.  they are simple machines but still peculiar 😛 


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As a test you might try easing the choke out a small amount when it is running rough. If that cures it running lean is at least one of the problems, find out what is causing the condition.



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If it has a vacuum tank, is the vacuum tank pulling gas from the gas tank and cycling properly? If it is malfunctioning, a vacuum leak here would cause similar problems.

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