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Unfamiliar to me and I actually like new cars (even if I don't know much about all of them) Was there a model name visible?  It may be a custom thing somebody added to their car, or it may be one of the many automotive brands not normally sold in the US that got imported. 

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9 hours ago, hanski said:

Looks like a JDM Subaru 'F' badge.

I concur, reading up on the subaru sites and such:  https://subiestickers.com/forester-front-rear-emblem-overlays/



It's the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Forester badge. It's common in Japan for auto makers to make distinct badges for individual models, the F badge is the one for Forester. There's also an "i" badge for Impreza

seems there are others ones as well...

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