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A few more details.

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I finally got around to adding a few more details to the 1935 engine. I have been collecting champion spark plugs for quite some time and I managed to get enough champion 7 

plugs. So I thought I would change them out. I think it looks much better than a brand new spark plug from Napa.





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Fantastic detail.....which we do for all of our Pebble cars........it’s getting very difficult to find NOS plugs. At Pebble a few years ago, we were parked next to another similar brand car done by “one of the top shops”. One young and rather inexperienced young kids showing the car came over to me and implied that “his car had us beat”. I showed him our factory distributor cap, coils, spark plugs, tool kit, owners manual, and a few other odds and ends.........his head spun, and he slinked away. When you throw down a car on the 18th green in Monterey.........you come with the full game plan.......or you lose. Attention to detail is for me, the most enjoyable part of the hobby..........some think it’s nuts.........but we enjoy being crazy.

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Well if I were a younger man and had a couple of more dollars in my savings account I would love to pull the body off this car and actually go through it and make it a perfect car. But it’s only had a cosmetic restoration over the years. It still looks extremely nice but not so nice you can enjoy driving it. However I would love to put it on the green at Pebble Beach even as a display car. 😁

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