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Early Packard lighting generator question.


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I have acquired an old Bijur motor lighting system generator. I would like to know what voltage and polarity it operates.

It is labled Packard System  Ser. N213  M973 and also N34 TR97E on the cutout relay. 

Patent dates from 1914 thru 1916. 


It was part of a sale on old one cylinder hit-miss engines. It is mounted on a board and a flat belt pully attached where the gear or sprocket should have gone. It motors up when connected and the cutout realy manually otperated.   

I would like to use it for display with one of my hit-miss engines.  

Is it worth anything to speak of for the Packard collectors?       I found a picture online of a 1918 "twin six" car showing the exact generator.


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The generator used on all Twin Six Packards from 1915-23 was Bijur Type K-646 M-292. 3rd Series Twin Six Packards also used Bijur Types M-718, M-718-A and M-1426.


For the 1911 models Packard offered combination oil and electric side and taillights (the headlights were gas) as an option. They were fitted as standard equipment on the 1912 models. I assume the electric lights were battery powered.


The 1912-13 Packard 2-48 was the first Packard to have a generator (no starter and still magneto ignition). It retained the combination oil and electric side and taillights but electric headlights replaced the previous gas lights. The light generator was Bijur Model D-12.


I may be wrong but I doubt that your generator was used on a Packard Twin Six as standard equipment.


I haven't found any info on starters and generators on 1914-15 Packard models 3-38 and 5-48 (I assume Gray & Davis) but maybe your generator was used there.


Can you post a picture of it?

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