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i know that there has been several posts on insurance

coverage for reattas and i was wondering if anyone had ever

done business with classic automobile insurance in indianapolis

indana. i have requested info from a lot of companys and they are

the only ones who seem to be interested in doing anything for a car

that is not 20 years old. is there any info out there about this company

they are cheaper than my everyday ins company

any help would be appreciated


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Guest Reatta1


Haven't heard of that outfit. Who all have you checked with? I use Nationwide and have never found any other co. that could even come close, including the ones that do all the advertising about how much money they can save you. I would be interested in any low cost special ins. for my convert. though. Let me know what you find out. <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


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Are two types of insurance companies out there, the normal ones for daily drivers and the specialty ones for "classic" cars. In general a "classic" policy will cost 1/2-1/4 that of a standard policy but will have some fairly severe restrictions (at least 20 years old, no driving to work, kept in enclosed and locked garage). Some will also limit milage. They also like to see that you have other cars for normal driving.

And there are two types of policy: regular which goes by "the book" and "stated value" in which you and the company agree on the value of the car. Be careful here, some companies have been known to weasel word just what "stated value" means in the event of a claim.

Once you have been with a company for a while, they are liable to bend the 20 year rule for additional cars, some even have special policies for them.

I have been with JC Taylor for years (plug) and they were willing to add my 86 Fiero when it was replaced by the Reatta for normal use. The price for the newer car was substantially more (abt 75%) than for my 70 but still about 1/2 of a normal policy.

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Try Haggerty, I have used them for years, had one claim, and they were excellent.

A couple of years ago, about 2000, I acquired an 84 Riv. convert. and contacted them about coverage, their first response was negative, the car was too new.

But when I explained its collectiblity, rarity, and value, they reconsidered, and added the 82-85 Riv convertibles to their list.

My thought is they may now do so with the Reattas for many of the same reasons.

They cover a value YOU give them, they ask for a photo of your car to verify its condition, and their rates were very low.

They suggested such cars were easier to cover, as owners would treat them well, drive them carefully, and more or less baby them. Sound like us?

Give them a try. They advertise in most car publications, and are located in Michigan, I think.


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My Hagerty rep is in my local BCA club & would not insure

my reattas. I use Grundy Worldwide.Phone 800 338 4005

You set the price,within reason, and pay XXX $ per thousand

$ value. Works for me.

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