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1937 Buick Special Front Fenders for Sale


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 I have two pair of 1937 Buick Special front fenders that I would like to find a new home for. Neither pair has spare tire wheel wells. I'm located in Northeastern Ohio and not willing to ship.

 I'm asking $400 for the pair of light blue fenders which have had a little work done to them.  The dark blue fenders are pretty much untouched and I'm asking $300 for them. I'm attaching one picture of each pair but if anyone is interested I already have more on the computer I will gladly email or post if requested.





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1 hour ago, Auburncoupe said:

I am not making it to Auburn.   I am shooting for next year.  

Thank you 


 Pity if I had one it would save a lot in shipping.  I think there is still one in the nose piece in the back barn but don't remember anything about condition. I'll try and check this weekend.


 We'll miss you. Last couple years I've been afraid it might be the last year for the hotel.  :(

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