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Chrysler Imperial Marine Engine Type A with serial number LM17920


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It's a flathead silver dome 6 cylinders inline engine.

I'm looking for information/history of the engine and a list/drawings of original components (carburetor...) and where I could buy original parts. Thank you for your help!

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According to the records in my carburetor database, Chrysler supplied the LM engine (6 cylinder, 309 CID) in 1934, 1935, and 1936. It was called the Imperial LM.


Carburetor used all three years was a Zenith type 556M3, tag number O-7040.


I do not have, nor have I seen either drawings, OR one of the carburetors.


Should you have or find one, we do manufacture a rebuilding kit.


Most of the Zenith 556 series carburetors were replaced by their owners prior to WWII with either a Zenith type 263E12 or a Stromberg SFM-3 calibrated for the LM engine.



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hwellens & carbking:
Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Thats a great starting point. I'm trying to find an original carburetor. If not available, I will have to optimize either the existing one or find a replacement.

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