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For Sale: 1955 Packard Patrician sedan, 41K miles original - $9,900 - Byron, NY - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1955 Packard Patrician sedan, 41K miles original - $9,900 - Byron, NY 

1955 Packards Patrician · Xtra - RVs & Campers - Byron, New York | Facebook Marketplace | Facebook

Due to unfortunate life events. We are moving out of state. And Miss Suzie is for sale. She runs and shifts very smooth and stops very nice . she's not an award winner but she is original! Registered inspected insured currently. Power windows, power front seat, power antenna, 2 factory speakers, wonder bar radio, under-seat heater,, self leveling, chrome is very good. Floor and frame solid New brakes brake lines hardware and pads. Rebuilt booster, steering assist, New seals all around for engine, new transmission pan seal, Carb has been rebuilt, new battery and radiator. 2 sets front and back extra bumpers. 2 Rochester spare carbs. 1 carter weber carb. All the trim has a matched spare. Brand spanking new white walls by Coker. Extra set of hub caps. 2 extra heads and intake manifold with partying parts 3 extra wonder bar radios. The list continues. She is 190% complete. Meaning she is 100% with 90% extra spare parts valued at over 6k alone.  Byron, NY

Contact:  Must be Facebook member or sign-up to receive contact information
I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1955 Packard Patrician sedan.  Note: I've seen this car up close, its a very nicely-preserved original.



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15 minutes ago, franklinman said:

Interior/under hood pics?

Click the Facebook link, he posted a number which I didn't take the time to copy.   While the door panels have been redone, the seat upholstery is factory original, was under plastic from new.

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I really like these 55 & 56 Packards, I just wish the paint was in better shape. I would rather pay twice the price for a car that was better taken care of. The style of these cars and the beautiful dashes sure impress me. 

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