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51 Chieftan Windscreen washers

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Hi Guys,


I recently purchased a NOS water bottle to replace the one on the car in the hope that it would solve the issue of the washers not working but unfortunately, it didn't.

There is suction at one of the pipes and there is a small amount of resistance at the washer control, i am assuming this is kind of indicating there is pressure there but i could be wrong.


Any pointers in the right direction would be most helpful.





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Hi Gary,


Thanks for the reply.


I have done what i consider to be the basic checks with no luck. The system on my 51 is a vacuum so i am assuming there wouldn't be any ticking. 





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I put a (rather crude) drawing and description on my thread, based upon rebuilding mine. Primarily mine had bad vacuum leaks from perished and hardened rubber components.



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