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Back in the mid 1970 there was a new Ford dealer in western Kansas called Per Hole Ford  He had an advertising tag that was on the front of all new cars sold and most used cars sold  I kniw the dealership was in business in 1974 and 1975  At some point after the mid 70s it became Liberal Ford in Liberal Kansas  Kansas does not have a front tag so dealers make their business tag and put it on the front of cars sold  Per Hole had a tag that pictured a Pear with a hole in it  I am searching for one of those tags  there has to be lots of those around and most have been thrown away  please take a look at old stuff that you might have laying around  i have searched salvage yards and have not had any success  If you have one or can find one i will offer a finders fee  contact me direct at 316-655-1099 pr booreatta@cox.net


Chuck Kerls

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