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1937 Opera seat coupe construction


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Hi Everyone, in my on going modest restoration of my 1937 Buick Century Coupe that had long been stripped and parted out, i unexpectedly stumbled on, and subsequently bought, a pair of the fold down opera seats that are on their way to me from Wisconsin. Does anyone have any pictures of how the seats are installed? Aside from the brace under the rear window, which im guessing is either part of the seat construction, or solely in place for the headliner, there doesn't seem to be much back there to hold them in place. I rebuilt/ replaced the floor from the door sills back, but kept the same shape/ dimensions, and looking back at pictures of the original floor, there wast anything obvious to go off of. A small picture in the service manual, shows a board dividing the cabin area and the trunk, but not much in the way of details. I am guessing i will have to make something out of plywood and maybe add some tabs to mount the plywood to, with cutouts for the seat 'boxes', but if anyone has any pictures of that area from a restoration project to help point me in the right direction, i would appreciate it, thanks! 


51217191557_13f56328bb_z.jpg2021-06-01_10-27-54 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


51217907136_a4f148445e_z.jpgFB_IMG_1622197058850 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


51217192272_e91e60389a_z.jpgFB_IMG_1622197063786 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


51218978605_bcc448a05a_z.jpg2021-06-01_10-29-10 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


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