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1950 Windsor question

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That is not a rear main seal.

That's the bell housing front dust seal and plate.

Normally never needs to be replaced.

Any 1949-52 Chrysler or DeSoto car will fit.

If you  need another find a national big wrecking yard that sells older cars.

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4 hours ago, kings32 said:

Mike did you get the brake problem fixed ? Sorry you are having problems withthe car. Kings32

Howard there is No real problems, I expected there would be a few things from sitting.  The brakes where because the master cylinder was filled with rusty sludge.  I bought a new master and all new wheel cylinders because I figured they are probably contaminated.  Then I changed the oil and felt sludge in the pan so I decided to clean it out which led me to repairing the slight seeping it had.  Nothing but the brakes needed to be done right now but I was waiting for the parts to come in.  I hope to have it back together by next weekend.


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